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Picasso Museum in France, Paris resort

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The Picasso Museum is located in the 3rd municipality of Paris. The building in which it is located is an old mansion, built during the life of Louis XIV.

  Sale's mansion was built from 1656 to 1659. The building was erected with the money of one of the richest people in France of those years – Pierre Aubert. This official earned his fortune at the expense of a law passed thanks to him, increasing the tax collection on salt. This is how the name of this mansion appeared, which is translated from French as"salty".

Ober did not own the house too long - ndash; two years later it went bankrupt, and the mansion was resold to many noble Parisians. Since 1668, a Venetian embassy was opened in it, which existed for a century and a half. In 1829, the School of Arts and Crafts was opened in the building of the mansion. The most famous graduate of this school was Gustave Eiffel – the creator of the legendary tower.

The building was completely at the disposal of the Parisian municipality only in the XX century, in 1962. At the same time, it was decided to restore and partially reconstruct the dilapidated building. The reconstruction work lasted 5 years, and in 1985 the Pablo Picasso Museum was located here.

The museum's exposition is extensive. About 200 paintings, 150 sculptures and other creative works of Picasso are permanently exhibited. The exposition is divided according to the time periods of the artist's work. A separate room is dedicated to the personal collection of Picasso, consisting of canvases and sculptures of his contemporaries, as well as objects of national art of the peoples of Africa.

Today, the main exhibition is touring the largest cities in the world, and the museum itself until 2013 will be closed for major repairs, so outsiders are not allowed inside. Tourists can only appreciate the facade of the building and take a picture against its background.

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