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Musee Rodin in France, Paris resort

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Rodin Museum – Museum of Contemporary French Art, the main part of the exposition of which is devoted to the work of the outstanding sculptor Auguste Rodin.

The museum is located in the 7th municipal district of Paris. The building is a former Biron's palace. This building was built in the 1730s with money from the Parisian banker de Mora. Until the Great Revolution, the palace belonged only to this family. Later, various committees began to be located in it.

By 1904, it was decided to turn the once luxurious small palace into the Biron Hotel. It began to function in the same year; the newly-appeared hotel was chosen by many French artists as a place of permanent residence. Rodin also stopped here, the sculptor took the mansion on a long-term lease. In fact, in the last years of his life, Rodin was the sole owner of the hotel.

The sculptor indicated in his will that all the works are passed on to the heritage of the French people and state. This fact made it possible to consolidate in 1917, a few days after Rodin's death, the status of the Auguste Rodin house-museum for the Biron mansion.

Today, in the museum building, as well as in the park in the adjacent territory, there are orders 6 thousand sculptures by the master. In the building itself you can see the rarest photographs from the Rodin family archive. One of the exhibition halls showcases the sculptor's personal collection of paintings. Among the little-known canvases, there are several works by Van Gogh.  

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Topic: Musee Rodin in France, Paris resort.Musee Rodin in France, Paris resort

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