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Saint-Victor Abbey in France, Marseille resort

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Saint Victor Abbey – one of the largest abbeys in France, a monument of historical heritage. The monastery is located in Marseille, two blocks from the Old Port.

The exact date of the founding of the holy monastery is unknown. The chronicles point to about the 5th century, when the first temples of St.Victor could be founded in these lands, later growing into monasteries: male and female. Around the same time, they indicate the possible destruction of the first monks who lived here on charges of heresy, but this fact has not been proven.

Before the foundation, both monasteries were destroyed either in VII or in VIII with the Moorish raid. The convent was never restored, but the male was rebuilt again thanks to the English monk Wilfred, who became the new abbot. The abbey was reborn in the 11th century.

The most famous abbot of Saint-Victor was Mazarin, later Cardinal of France under King Louis XIV.

In 1739, the abbey was disbanded by order of the Pope.

Today, excursions are organized here, where you can learn about both the history of the abbey and its famous monks.

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Topic: Saint-Victor Abbey in France, Marseille resort.Saint-Victor Abbey in France, Marseille resort

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