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Pfalzgrafenstein Fortress in Germany

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The fortress with the difficult to pronounce name Pfalzgrafenstein is located on the small German island of Falkenau on the Rhine river, not far from the city Kaub. The fortress stands out among others for its bizarre appearance, as well as the fact that it has never been destroyed or captured.

This fortress was not built for defense against enemies, but rather for profit. Pfalzgrafenstein was built as an imperial customs office and was acquired by Ludwig V of Bavaria, who built another wall and a hexagonal castle inside the white walls, very much like a ship in shape and measuring 47 meters in length.

Only after 1876, together with the acquisition of the fortress It ceased to be a customs point by Prussia, turning into an ordinary lighthouse. And since 1946, a museum has been located here, open to tourists. Ferries run to the fortress from the town of Kaub on the Rhine, but only in case of favorable weather and the absence of floods.


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Topic: Pfalzgrafenstein Fortress in Germany.Pfalzgrafenstein Fortress in Germany

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