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Munster Castle in Germany, Munster Resort

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Munster Palace is the episcopal residence in Munster. Nowadays, the palace is the main building and the hallmark of the University of Westphalia named after Wilhelm II.

The castle was erected inside the Muenster citadel in 1661-1700. In those years, the building was called Paul's Castle.

During the Seven Years War, the castle was seriously damaged, after which its restoration was deemed inappropriate. The last Munster Bishop and Archbishop of Cologne Maximilian Friedrich von Koenigsegg-Rothenfels decided to demolish all city fortifications, including the citadel, and build a new episcopal palace on the site of Paul's Castle.

The construction of the palace was entrusted to Johann Konrad Schlaun. Construction began in August 1767. Schlaun developed the general project of the palace complex, consisting of outbuildings and service buildings, as well as a large French park.

The architect worked on the creation of the castle until his death, 1773. During his reign, the external decoration of the palace, the interior decoration of the south wing were completed, the northern guardhouse and the northern stable were also built.

After Schlaun's death, the construction of the palace was continued by Wilhelm Ferdinand Lipper. The interior decoration of the palace under Lipper was executed in the style of classicism. Also, according to Schlaun's plan, a southern guardhouse was built. Instead of a French park, an English landscape park was laid out.

After the death of Maximilian Friedrich von Koenigsegg-Rothenfels, the castle passed to his successor, Maximilian Franz of Austria, who preferred to spend most of his time in Bonn in the palace of the Electors. In 1803, after the secularization of the Munster episcopacy, the palace lost its significance.

During the Third Reich, the palace was the residence of Alfred Meyer. The government building department was also located here. Nazi demonstrations were often held in the square in front of the palace.

During the Second World War, a massive fire broke out in the palace, which lasted for several days. The fire destroyed the entire interior, leaving only the load-bearing walls.

After the war, large-scale restoration work began in the palace. After the restoration, the palace complex was transferred to the state university. In 1954, the building becomes the main building of the University of Westphalia.


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Topic: Munster Castle in Germany, Munster Resort.Munster Castle in Germany, Munster Resort

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