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Freiburg Munster in Germany

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Imagebuilt in the Gothic style with Romanesque elements. Art critics call the main tower of Munster, 116 meters high, the most beautiful tower of Christianity.

Since 1827 Freiburg has been the seat of the bishop, and the church is the cathedral, but traditionally it is called Munster.

Three stages are distinguished in the construction of Munster: from 1120"Conrad" - Romanesque, from 1210"Berthold" - late Romanesque, from 1230 Gothic. Only the foundation has survived from the buildings erected at the first stage; at the second stage, a building with three naves was erected, from which a transverse nave and fragments of towers remained; at the third stage of construction, the gothic appearance of the cathedral took shape. So, the construction was completed by 1330. Freiburg Munster is the oldest surviving medieval building in Germany in its original Gothic form. During the bombing during the Second World War, Munster was practically not damaged, although the entire city was destroyed. Munster became the seat of the bishop since 1827. This is its peculiarity: unlike other Gothic cathedrals, Munster has only one tower, while the episcopal residences have always been crowned with two towers. The Munster tower houses bells, the oldest of which dates back to 1258. Also noteworthy are the decorations on the Munster gutters.

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Topic: Freiburg Munster in Germany.Freiburg Munster in Germany

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