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Charlottenburg Palace in Germany, Berlin resort

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Charlottenburg Palace – one of the finest palaces and baroque examples in Germany. Located in the Charlottenburg area. The palace was built by order of Sophia Charlotte, wife of Frederick I.

The castle, which was a summer residence, was first called Litzenburg. Later, it expanded and today the entrance to the castle is crowned with a huge dome (48 meters high), on which stands a statue of Fortune in gilding.

Tourists are usually attracted by Friedrich's apartments located in the main wing, the hall receptions, which is a room with high vaults, bas-reliefs and niches. In the west wing – a porcelain room, which houses a magnificent collection of Chinese porcelain items. In the same wing there is the Big Greenhouse, built in 1712. In winter, rare species of plants were demonstrated in it, and various holidays were held in summer. The greenhouse was destroyed during the Second World War and was completely restored after. Today it hosts concerts and receptions.

The Schinkel pavilion is located on the territory adjacent to the castle – summer Italian house. This house was built by Karl Friedrich Schinkel himself in 1825. Today, it houses a small museum displaying sketches and drawings by artists from the early 19th century. Among them are Schinkel's sketches. The Belvedere tea house was built near the castle. and the Small Palace Theater. In front of Charlottenburg Castle stands an equestrian monument to Frederick the Great.
The interiors of the castle are rich and luxurious. Household items, antique furniture, the Oak Gallery, the Museum of Ancient History and other interesting places of the palace attract tourists from all over the world.

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Topic: Charlottenburg Palace in Germany, Berlin resort.Charlottenburg Palace in Germany, Berlin resort

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