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Berggrun Museum in Germany, Berlin Spa

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Berggrun Museum – one of the museums in Berlin with the richest and most valuable collection of classical modern art. Among the works of art stored here, there are paintings by Pablo Picasso, Jose Braque, Alberto Giacometti, Paul Klee, Henri Matisse. The museum is one of the State Museums in Berlin.

Collector Heinz Berggrun, who collected all these paintings, donated them at a low cost to his hometown. However, in 1996 the collection, like its owner, returned to Berlin. Berggruen, who has been collecting art for 30 years, donated the collection, but the Prussian Heritage Foundation bought it back in 2000.

Today the collection is called the Collection. Berggrune – Picasso and His Time '' and is housed in a building opposite Charlottenburg Castle. The collection contains more than a hundred works by Picasso, about 60 paintings by Paul Klee, 20 works by Henri Matisse. It also houses the sculptural ensembles of Alberto Giacometti and some examples of African sculpture.

Since the opening of the museum in Berlin, the collection has expanded. In 2000, Berggrun donated 165 works of art to the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation.

In addition to the permanent exhibition Picasso and His Time, there are a variety of specialized and thematic exhibitions dedicated to the theme of modern classics. Heinz Berggrun's heirs donated 50 more exhibits to the Museum in 2007.  

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Topic: Berggrun Museum in Germany, Berlin Spa.Berggrun Museum in Germany, Berlin Spa

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