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Heltorf Castle in Germany, Dusseldorf resort

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Heltorf Castle is located in the north of Dusseldorf, in the Angermund region.

Since the 12th century, the land on the right bank of the Rhine has been used for forestry and agriculture. To manage the farms, a castle was built on the territory that had been the property of St. Svitbert's monastery since the 11th century.

The castle was first mentioned in writing in 1189. According to the document, Arnold von Teferen mortgaged his vassal possessions to Count Engelbert von Berg.

In 1360, Heltorf Thomas von Lohausen took possession of the castle, who later changed his surname to von Troisdorff. The von Troisdorf family owned the castle for six generations. In 1569, the castle was presented as a dowry to Wilhelm von Scheid-Weschpfenning. In 1662 the von Spee family became the owners of the castle, and to this day they own the estate.

In 1796 a beautiful English-style park was laid out next to the castle. The author of the project was Maximilian Friedrich Vaye. The manor house of the palace was built in the classical style at the beginning of the 19th century. Today frescoes are exhibited in the garden pavilion of the castle – The Destruction of the People of Milan, The Reconciliation of Frederick and the Pope, The Coronation of Frederick I etc.

For tourists from May to October, only the park castle functions.

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Topic: Heltorf Castle in Germany, Dusseldorf resort.Heltorf Castle in Germany, Dusseldorf resort

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