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Collato Palace in Austria, Vienna spa

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Collato Palace is a beautiful Venetian baroque palace.  

In the 16th century, a European garden was located on the site where the palace is today. Then Ferdinand I bought this land for the construction of the school. In 1560 the Jesuits began to run the school, who renovated and expanded the building.

At the beginning of the 17th century, Count Thurzo became the owner of the building. He was a Protestant. After the defeat of the Protestants in 1620, Count Thurzo's house was confiscated and presented to Count Collato.

In 1671, Count Collato reconstructed the building, adding a second floor. Collato Palace was connected by a balcony to the adjacent church of the Nine Angelic Choirs. After Collato's death, the facade of the building was renewed.

In October 1762, the first sensational concert of six-year-old V.А. Mozart, after which the whole of Europe learned about him. In 1956, as a sign of this event, a memorial plaque appeared on the facade of the palace.  

In 2001, the building became the property of the Bank of Austria, at the same time the last major overhaul was carried out.

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Topic: Collato Palace in Austria, Vienna spa.Collato Palace in Austria, Vienna spa

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