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Gosting Palace in Austria, Graz spa

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Gosting Palace is a very popular architectural monument of Graz among tourists.

The palace was built in the 11th century, when Emperor Henry III gave land to Count Gottfried. In 1050, the count bequeathed the castle to his brother Adalberto from Wurzburg, and until the 17th century, princes of this family owned Gosting. In the 15th century, the palace was modernized - expanded to a fortress, in order to protect against the Hungarians and Turks.

In 1707, the palace and the surrounding area passed into the possession of Count Attems. In mid-July 1723, lightning struck the room with gunpowder, and most of the castle burned down. After this tragic event, it was decided not to restore the palace anymore, and a new castle was built for the count's family at the foot of the mountain.

Since 1999, the remains of the palace and the surrounding forests have been in the possession of the Baker Auer family. Today, three floors remain of the former palace, the chapel of St. Anne, which is still used for church services. The former tavern of the castle now houses a small museum. There are also ruins from the old castle, which can be used to determine where the moat, drawbridge and the main entrance were located.


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Topic: Gosting Palace in Austria, Graz spa.Gosting Palace in Austria, Graz spa

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