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Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens in Austria, Vienna spa

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Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens is an architectural complex that is the Vienna residence of the emperors and the most famous cultural monument in Austria.

On the site where the magnificent architectural complex is located today , in the XIV century there was an estate belonging to the Klosterneuburg monastery, which   consisted of a residential building, a water mill, a stable and a garden. In 1569 the estate became the property of the Habsburgs, who used it only for hunting. An ancient legend says that in 1612 Emperor Matthias, during his next hunting trip, discovered beautiful springs, which later gave the name to the palace. Schonbrunn means"beautiful sources" in German.

During the reign of Ferdinand II, a hunting castle was built here. After the death of the emperor, his widow Eleanor Gonzga added a palace to the castle, and a greenhouse was created in the park.

After the Battle of Vienna in 1683, the castle was destroyed. In 1696, by order of Leopold I, the palace began to be restored on the model of the magnificent palace at Versailles. The construction of the palace was completed in 1713, and Maria Theresia began to live here with her large family. Under her, the palace became the center of social and political life. At the request of Maria Theresa, a theater was founded in the palace. Franz Joseph was born in Schonbrunn Palace in 1830 and has lived here all his life.

Currently, the palace has 1,500 rooms and halls of various sizes. The main premises of the palace are:
  • The Hall of Mirrors, where there is a small altar with the image of the Holy Virgin Mary.
  • The Great Rose Hall, named after the artist who decorated the interior of the room, Joseph Rose.
  • The large gallery that was used for the audience of the emperors. The length of the room is 43 meters and the height is 10 meters.
  • Small gallery. It mainly hosted concerts, small dinners and other events.
  • Ceremonial Hall.

No less interesting and beautiful palace park that occupies the area about 160 hectares. Each element of the garden landscape has been carefully thought out and together with others forms a single whole. In addition to green spaces, the park is rich in fountains,

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Topic: Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens in Austria, Vienna spa.Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens in Austria, Vienna spa

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