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Nordkirchen Palace in Germany

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Nordkirchen Palace – palace and park ensemble in the Baroque style, located in the city of Nordkirchen. On the site of the palace there used to be a Renaissance 'castle on the water'.

The palace complex was built from 1703 to 1734. bishops from the Plettenberg family.

After the secularization of the land, the palace passed into the possession of the princely families of Esterhazy and Arenbergs. And in 1959 it was bought by the authorities of the North Rhine. The brick building of the palace stands on an artificial island. The island is almost regular square in shape, with garden pavilions in the corners. The park is decorated with a variety of statues, some of which were restored and renovated in the early 20th century.

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Topic: Nordkirchen Palace in Germany.Nordkirchen Palace in Germany

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