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Sir Ban Yas Island in the UAE, Abu Dhabi Resort

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Sir Ban Yas Island is located in the southwest of the UAE, about 150 kilometers from the city of Abu Dhabi. This island is still in an underdeveloped tourist area, and is the largest island in the UAE, included in the tourism development project -"Desert Islands". The total area of the island is 87 square kilometers.

History says that the island appeared 5-10 million years ago, which is confirmed by a giant salt dome located in the center of the island. Such domes grow only a few centimeters a year, and now it has reached 3000 meters in height and 6000 meters in depth, and is the largest salt dome in the world.

The first settlements on Sir Ban Yas Island appeared in the Bronze Age. The island got its name from the Bani Yas tribe, which later settled in Abu Dhabi.

At the moment, there is a nature reserve on the island. It was opened in 1971 by the first presidents of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed. The main goal of the reserve is to preserve rare species of animals and birds of the region. It occupies almost half of the island's area and has the status of an Arabian Nature Park. About 30 species of animals live here in the most close to natural conditions, many of which are almost extinct, such as Arabian oryx, sand and mountain gazelles and others.

In addition, tourists can visit photo-safari in the reserve. Accompanied by specially trained people, you can get closer to the animals and take unique photographs for memory.

In addition to excursions around the reserve, there are many other entertainments on the island. For cycling enthusiasts, there are special routes of various difficulty levels. More recently, a large diving center was opened on the island. Also of interest is the horse riding center where Arabian horses are bred.

Unfortunately, there is only one hotel on the island so far. It harmonizes well with the untouched wildlife of the island, and the items in the rooms are made from natural materials.

One of the unique traditions of Sir Ban Yas is that in honor of every tourist who arrives here ,

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Topic: Sir Ban Yas Island in the UAE, Abu Dhabi Resort.Sir Ban Yas Island in the UAE, Abu Dhabi Resort

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