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Castelmola in Italy, Sicily resort

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Castelmola is a small town located in the province of Messina and bordering Taormina. The total area of the city is 16.5 km 2.

In ancient times, the town was called Mile. It got its current name from a Norman castle built in the center of the city on a rock.

The city was founded in the 8th century BC. In the 10th century, the ruler of Kairouan, Ibrahim, ravaged and destroyed Castelmola, after which he left the city through the gate, which was later called the `` Gate of the Saracens ''. At the end of the 11th century, Roger the First expelled the Arabs from the island and built a new city around the castle. From 1928 to 1947 the city was part of Taormina, and later became independent.

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Topic: Castelmola in Italy, Sicily resort.Castelmola in Italy, Sicily resort

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