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Villa Xanadu Villa Dupont in Cuba, Varadero resort

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Villa Xanadu Villa Dupont – mansion located 8.5 kilometers from Varadero, under the coastal cliffs. Built in 1929. Undoubtedly, the history of the appearance of this mansion is interesting. Irene Dupont – American manufacturer who made a huge fortune in the production of explosives during the First World War. After the war, his firm expanded into the production of plastics, lighters, fountain pens and nylon stockings. In 1926, DuPont bought out almost the entire Icacos Peninsula and divided it into plots, creating the simplest infrastructure. Thus, the price of land increased many times over, and DuPont sold the land to wealthy American manufacturers and politicians. They, while equipping their life, laid out gardens and paved roads. This is how the elite settlement of the rich, separated from the whole world, appeared. During this period, the indigenous people, Cubans, appeared on the peninsula only as servants. In the construction of his mansion, DuPont invested huge funds, going, like all the rich, to extremes and quirks. For example, masons, commissioned by Dupont, added goat's milk to the cement so that it   had a special shine. For the convenience of communication between the four floors of the mansion   an elevator was built and a telephone connection was established; a huge staff of servants and guards ensured the peace of the Du Pont family. This continued until 1957, when the head of the family's health deteriorated and they were forced to move. Two years later, the estate was nationalized by Cuban revolutionaries. First, a school was set up there, and later, in 1963, a restaurant was opened. On the opening day, Irene Dupont passed away. Now the restaurant is open every day offering visitors international cuisine. In addition, the famous `` Golf Club Varadero '', where Che Guevara himself once played, is now operating at the Dupont mansion.


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Topic: Villa Xanadu Villa Dupont in Cuba, Varadero resort.Villa Xanadu Villa Dupont in Cuba, Varadero resort

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