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Grand Opera in France, Paris resort

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Grand Opera, aka Paris Opera, aka Opera Garnier – one of the most famous opera houses in the world, standing on a par with the main sights of Paris.

The history of the construction of the Opera building refers to the global development of Paris in the second half of the XIX century under the leadership of the legendary prefect Baron Haussmann ... The history of the construction of the Opera is correlated with the attempt on the life of Napoleon III in the building of the old opera. The architect, who led the design of the completely new theater, had to be determined by a competition in which the most venerable designers of France took part. The victory went to an unknown Charles Garnier at that time.

It took a long time, about 15 years, to build the Grand Opera. construction began with the approval of the architectural project in 1860, and was completed in 1875. such a long period of time was conditioned by the war with Prussia, revolutionary upheavals and others. As a result of a lack of funding, only 36 million gold francs were raised, which was not enough for a number of the Opera's buildings. For this reason, the smoking gallery was not built, and the mirror rotunda was not completed on time.

1875 was the year of the opening of a completely new Opera Palace, made in an eclectic style, both outside and and inside. The grand staircase and main foyer immediately became a symbol of the luxury of French culture and music. Performances in this hall were immediately equated with the main cultural events in France. Until now, this stage is open only to the best performers of the country and the world.

In 1889, a completely new Opera was opened on the Place de la Bastille, and the name of the Paris Opera Grand Opera had to be changed. The current generation of French people call this building after Charles Garnier, the architect who gave 15 years of his life to build the Grand Opera.

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Topic: Grand Opera in France, Paris resort.Grand Opera in France, Paris resort

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