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Historical part of the city of Lyon in France, Lyon resort

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Lyon – the third most populous city in France, and an important cultural and historical center. The uniqueness of this city lies in the fact that as many as three districts of the historical part of Lyon, the so-called Old City, were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The age of Lyon has long passed the threshold of 2000 years, which can rightfully be considered a record for European cities. Lyon is unofficially referred to as the 'little brother' The eternal city of Rome.

The historic districts of Lyon have a fate different from that of most European cities. Traditionally, historically significant parts of large cities were preserved from further development, so that subsequent generations have an idea of the appearance of the city in the ancient years. Lyon, on the other hand, has never been limited from development, so ancient buildings and modern office buildings can perfectly coexist here, this is the main feature that distinguishes the architectural style of the city.

Nevertheless, all quarters are clearly delimited by centuries, and excursions around Lyon almost always go in chronological order: from ancient Roman buildings to 19th century mansions.

The most ancient area of the city isFourviereit is here that ancient buildings known throughout the world are located. For instance, the amphitheater of Emperor Augustus is one of the best preserved antique theaters outside Italy. The excavation area occupies a fairly large area, and the best view of it opens from the observation deck of the basilica, built in the 19th century on the top of a nearby hill. Here you can also see medieval mansions, taverns and inns, which have perfectly preserved their appearance to this day. The pearl of the oldest district of the city is the Cathedral of Saint-Jean, built in the 12th century.

The second district included in the UNESCO list is. The center of this area is Lyon's largest square named Bellecour. On the border of this square are the mansions of the French nobility, mostly XVII century. Here you can also see a dozen small churches dating back to the late Middle Ages.

The third area, assessed by the UNESCO commission, this is. All historical buildings in this area date back to the 18th century – time of development of Lyon as the industrial capital of France, namely the leading city for the production of textiles. In addition to industrial buildings, you can see concert halls, libraries, and small churches here.


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Topic: Historical part of the city of Lyon in France, Lyon resort.Historical part of the city of Lyon in France, Lyon resort

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