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Karlsplatz in Austria, Vienna spa

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Karlsplatz is a city square located on the border of Vienna's fourth and first districts. It is an important transport hub, or rather, the fourth, second and first metro lines intersect here. The square got its name from the Karlskirche church, which is located in the southeastern part.

In addition to the church, the square houses the Vienna Museum, the Technical University, the Artist's House, a cinema, and the Musikverein concert hall. In addition to these buildings, there are two pavilions built by Otto Wagner;   today one of them houses a cafe, and the other - an exhibition hall. Also on the square you can see several monuments dedicated to Johann Brahms (composer), Joseph Madersperger (inventor of the sewing machine), Josef Ressel (inventor of the blade propeller). In honor of J. Ressel, a park is even named, which is also located on the square. Opera Passage. There is a metro station, cheap shops and eateries here.


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Topic: Karlsplatz in Austria, Vienna spa.Karlsplatz in Austria, Vienna spa

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