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Forchtenstein Castle in Austria, Burgenland resort

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Forchtenstein Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Burgenland.

During the Turkish wars, Forchtenstein Castle was the only fortification point in the region that withstood the onslaught of the enemy. After the war, the Etergazi princes made the castle their 'trezor safe', where family values were kept.

The castle was erected in the 14th century as the ancestral home of the Mattersdorfer family. Subsequently, the estate was bought by representatives of the Esterhazy princely family.

In 1642, the Esterhazy family cabinet of curiosities was created. At that time, it consisted of various objects received by Prince Nikolaus Esterhazy as a dowry, and his own acquisitions.

The contents of the thirteen chests are accurately described in an inventory book dated 1642. Over the centuries, the collection has continued to grow, and now everyone can see this rich collection of treasures of the Esterhazy family. The museum was opened in the 19th century, when the castle was no longer a defensive structure. Here you can watch the trophies and weapons of the XVI – XIX century, paintings and drawings dedicated to the French, Prussian and Turkish wars. In the courtyard of the palace complex there is a well dug once by prisoners of war.

The palace ceremonial halls are fabulous backstage – nowadays various events are held here. In the 17th century, the wedding of Prince Paul took place in the castle chapel.

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Topic: Forchtenstein Castle in Austria, Burgenland resort.Forchtenstein Castle in Austria, Burgenland resort

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