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Palazzo Biscari in Italy, Sicily resort

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Palazzo Biscari – palace located in Catania. Its construction began in 1693 after a strong earthquake in 1693 and lasted for almost a century. The palace was built for the Dukes of Biscari from the Paterno Castello family. Location of the Palace Palazzo – opposite the city walls, which survived the earthquake.

The oldest part of the Palazzo, the fruit of the works of the architect Alonso Di Benedetto, was erected by order of Ignazio, the third duke of the Biscari family. His son Vincenzo gave the order to decorate the seven large windows that overlooked the sea, Antonio Amato – the sculptor from   Messina. At a later time, the palace was rebuilt by order of the fourth Duke Ignazio Paterno Castello of the Biscari family. He expanded eastward. The reconstruction was designed by architects Francesco Battaglia and Giuseppe Palazzotto. The final completion of the construction of the Palazzo and its grand opening took place in 1763.

You can get inside the palace by going through a huge arch that overlooks Via Museo Biscari. It leads to a courtyard with an impressive double staircase. Hall of Festivities – the main hall of the palace – executed in the Rococo style and crowned with mirrors, frescoes by Sebastiano Lo Monaco and Matteo Desiderato. The hall is also decorated with stucco. The dome above the main hall is decorated with frescoes that praise the Paterno Castello di Biscari family. A staircase is directed to the main hall, which is decorated with stucco moldings located in a portico facing the sea.

From other premises of the palace, one can distinguish the Feudal Room, the main feature of which are canvases with illustrations of Biscari's subjects, and the Princess Apartments, which were built by order of Ignazio V as a gift to his wife. Half of the room is paved with marble from ancient Roman villas. Also, the Don Quixote Room and the Bird Gallery deserve special attention.

There is a museum in the palace building that once kept the works of art collected by Ignazio the Fifth. This collection is currently kept at the Castello Ursino castle.


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Topic: Palazzo Biscari in Italy, Sicily resort.Palazzo Biscari in Italy, Sicily resort

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