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Via Etnea in Italy, Sicily resort

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Via Etnea is the main street in the historic center of Catania. This 3-kilometer street stretches from Tondo Gioieni to Piazza Duomo.

Catania was in ruins after a terrible earthquake in 1693. Gradually, the city began to rebuild, and Giuseppe Lanza decided to build new streets. One of them originated from the Cathedral and passed in the direction of Etna. The street was originally called Via Duca di Useda, later it was renamed Via Stesicorea. The street was 700 meters long.

On both sides of Via Etnea you can see the beautiful palaces built by Francesco Battaglia and Giovanni Battista Vaccarini in the Sicilian Baroque style. The most famous of these are the Palazzo degli Elefanti, Palazzo del Toscano, Palazzo San Giuliano, Palazzo del Post and Palazzo del Unvircita. Also on the street there are seven churches – Cathedral, Minorite Church, Basilica della College, Santissimo Sacramento Church,   Church of Badiella, Church of San Biagio and Basilica of Santa Agata al Borgo.


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Topic: Via Etnea in Italy, Sicily resort.Via Etnea in Italy, Sicily resort

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