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Palazzo Tezzano in Italy, Sicily resort

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Tezzano is a luxurious palace located in the very center of Catania, on Piazza Stesicoro.

The construction of the palace was started in the 18th century on the land plot owned by Count Nicolas Tezzano. Nicholas was a renowned surgeon who studied philosophy, literature and medicine, at the age of 16 he had already received a diploma of higher education. Nicholas also took part in the rebuilding of the city after the earthquake in 1693. Subsequently, he handed the palace over to the city municipality.

In the 1720s, the palace was turned into a hospital, with Alonso di Benedetto supervising the construction work.

In 1837, due to financial difficulties, part of the palace was rented by the Bourbons – here they kept the archives of the dynasty. In 1844, the palace housed the forensic office and the office of the attorney general. At the same time, a project was prepared to transform the palazzo into a courthouse. In 1848, due to the revolution that happened, the plan was never allowed to come true.

In 1878-1880, the hospital was moved to a Benedictine monastery. During the fascist regime, the palace housed the auditoriums of the local university.

The facade overlooking Piazza Stesicoro is decorated with a clock tower and a monumental balcony. The main entrance to the palazzo is also located here.


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Topic: Palazzo Tezzano in Italy, Sicily resort.Palazzo Tezzano in Italy, Sicily resort

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