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Desembarco del Granma in Cuba

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National park formed in the area associated with the events of the Cuban Revolution. Actually, the name refers us to the moment of the beginning of the revolutionary coup led by Fidel Castro.

The territory of the park is small, and has not expanded at all since its opening. Nevertheless, this place can be called one of the most interesting in Cuba, if only due to the relief. Here are concentrated vast karst zones, consisting of hills, caves and waterfalls.

It is also worth noting that this – one of the few territories in Cuba that has hardly been touched by a human hand. All plants and animals exist here in the most natural conditions. There are also plenty of unique animal species here. The rarest species of pigeons, as well as some reptiles and snails are especially protected by ecologists. The National Park includes a coastal coral reef, which is also home to unique turtles.  


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Topic: Desembarco del Granma in Cuba.Desembarco del Granma in Cuba

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