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Vinales Valley in Cuba

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Lowland area located in the western part of the island of Cuba, and occupies about 130 km 2.

Tectonic the formation of these places is very ancient, more than 150 million years old. The valley itself is surrounded by a mountain range   Sierra de los Organos. In 1999, the landscape of this valley was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The place is not only of great importance for the tourism business, but also for agriculture. One of the largest tobacco plantations in the country is located here. The indigenous people of the valley honor the customs and ancient way of life so much that to this day they prefer to cultivate the land only in traditional ways, without resorting to mechanization. Tradition also manifests itself in the architecture of the villages lying in the valley zone – all the houses are neatly folded and present a harmonious picture.

Other attractions worth noting are a modern botanical garden, a museum, and once a camp of runaway slaves, as well as a unique painting on a cliff. The image belongs to the Cuban artist Leovihildo Gonzalez, while the painting repeats prehistoric cave paintings, depicting people, animals and hunting.

The natural attractions of the valley are a failure of uniquely shaped hills from which a beautiful view of the valley opens and the surrounding mountains. In addition, there are karst caves on the territory of the valley, among which are some of the longest in Latin America.  

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Topic: Vinales Valley in Cuba.Vinales Valley in Cuba

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