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Castle of Riveau in France, Loire Valley resort

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Rivo Castle has been a fortified castle since the 15th year, and in the Renaissance it was rebuilt in accordance with the samples of humanist architecture. Thus, this castle is both a fortress and a cozy residence.

The castle of Riveau is included in the broadest cultural context: it is mentioned in the book of F. Rabelais Gargantua and Pantagruel, in it stopped in 1429 in search of horses for the army of Jeanne d ’ Arc. Indeed, the castle has always been famous for the high quality of local horses. In 1510   the owner of the estate, Francois de Beauvois, built extensive stables here, in which the best breeds of stallions were raised.

In 1992, the new owners of the castle began restoration of the castle buildings, stables and other buildings that had been destroyed. The purpose of the restoration – give the original look.

Of course, the history of the castle attracts the attention of visitors, but its magnificent gardens, as if copied from illustrations for children's books, attract a myriad of tourists.

12 themed gardens are located on 15 acres of land around the castle. They are included in the list of the best gardens in France. Walking through these gardens – it is, indeed, an opportunity to plunge into a fairy tale. The most interesting of them – The Enchanted Forest, Rapunzel's Garden, The Love Potion Garden, The Enchanted Paradise Garden, The Secret Garden, Finger's Walkway, Alice's Labyrinth of Wonderland guarded by red card gardeners ... At every step, visitors come across sculptures: gnomes, mythical animals, giants, fairies, sculptural compositions (for example, a composition of five pairs of huge human legs, hinting at the fragility of nature). Such contemporary artists as F. Verscher, F. Ramett, K. Lorey, F. Kreisberg, J. Basserod were exhibited here. Also, the gardens are decorated with trellises, fences and benches made by the masters of Le Rivo. Botanical scientists rate the castle gardens very highly: there is a collection of 400 roses, which includes unique gold and white roses with a bright apple scent. In the garden `` Giant Kitchen '', located between the outbuildings and the castle, huge pumpkins, cabbage and zucchini, artichokes grow. Dahlias, irises, lavender, lilies bloom in the gardens in the warm season; sage and mandrake, valerian grow. Besides flowers, there are also garden trees: apple trees, cherry trees, medlar trees and almond trees. At the end of the park there is a Truffle Grove, which consists of huge oak trees of a special kind. Truffles are grown there.

This piece of landscape art amazes visitors with its beauty, originality, and the variety of flora presented here.

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Topic: Castle of Riveau in France, Loire Valley resort.Castle of Riveau in France, Loire Valley resort

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