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Castle of Angers in France, Loire Valley resort

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Castle Angers – a castle located in the Loire Valley with a long and rich history. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Since ancient times, the territory on which the castle is located belonged to the Celts, who were in constant struggle with the Romans. In the 9th century Fulk Nerra, Count of Anjou, erected a fortified castle here. In 1228-1238. Saint Louis completes the fortifications, Louis I and Louis II subsequently further expand this complex of buildings.

In the 15th century Angers Castle was the residence of the King of Sicily and Jerusalem, Rene the Good, Duke of Anjou, who went down in history as a benefactor for his subjects and an excellent writer; he loved tournaments and often organized various celebrations at the castle. Soon the time of religious wars came and Henry III in 1585 ordered the destruction of the castle. But the fortress and its towers turned out to be so powerful that only the sharp roofs of the towers were destroyed. Under Henry IV, demolition work was frozen. In the 20th century, the castle was a refuge for the Polish government from German troops (in 1939), and a year later it was occupied.

Of greatest interest is a series of woven paintings based on the plot of the Apocalypse from Revelations of Saint John the Divine. '' The tapestries were commissioned by Louis I in 1373 by Nicolas Bataille, based on designs by Ennequin de Bruges. The canvas consists of seven parts, with a total length of 144 meters and a height of 5.5 meters. The paintings were kept at first   in the Archbishopric of Arles, and later, since 1474 - in the Church of St. Mauritius in Angers. They disappeared in 1782; they were found in 1848 by Canon Joubert, who restored them. Each of them has the image of St. John, who participates in the events and explains them. The plots are invariably mysterious, symbolic, preserve the hard-to-understand meaning of the texts of The Revelation of St. John the Theologian.

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Topic: Castle of Angers in France, Loire Valley resort.Castle of Angers in France, Loire Valley resort

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