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Pitti Palace in Italy, Florence resort

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Pitti Palace is the largest of the existing palaces in Florence. Also, the palace is one of the significant attractions in the city. The palazzo is located on the square of the same name.

  Initially, the palace was used as the residence of the Grand Duke of Medici. Subsequently, the palace was taken over by the dynasty of the Lothargin dukes, and then by the Italian royal family. Currently, the palazzo is one of the largest museum complexes in Florence. The palace houses: the Porcelain Museum, the Costume Gallery, the Gallery of Modern Art, the Silver Museum and the Palatine Gallery.

The facade of the palace was created by rustic blocks. The first to use the style elements of the building was Cosimo Medici the Elder. The Pitti family, competing with the Medici, did not want to concede, but due to lack of funds, construction had to be suspended.

In 1549, the palace was acquired by Eleanor Toledskaya. In 1558, construction work was carried out in the building, during which the palace was expanded. The work was supervised by the architect Ammannati, who was later replaced by his students, who continued to work according to the original plan.

Particularly noteworthy is the Palatine Gallery, decorated in the Baroque style. It is worth highlighting the mythological rooms decorated with paintings by Pietro da Cortona.

In the Gallery of Contemporary art, visitors can see works of 19th century Italian artists.

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Topic: Pitti Palace in Italy, Florence resort.Pitti Palace in Italy, Florence resort

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