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Marktplatz in Germany, resort of Dusseldorf

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Marktplatz is the central square of Old Dusseldorf. The area is located on the banks of the Rhine River. From the east to the square adjoins Bolkerstrasse street, from the north – Burgplatz square, from the south – Zolstrasse and Marktstrasse streets. From the west and north, the area is limited by the complex buildings of the town hall. In the eastern part there are a number of buildings, on the ground floors of which there are shops, restaurants and cafes.

The following objects have been taken under state protection on the square - – monument to Johann Wilhelm, Town Hall, baroque residential building at Marktplatz, 12, office building at Marktplatz, 6.

The square was first mentioned in writing in a document from 1392. Historians believe that the area originated around 1382. In 1500, a new town hall was erected on the Marktplatz. Since then, the city authorities have been invariably housed in this building.

In 1711, an equestrian monument to Johann Wilhelm, Elector of the Palatinate, was erected on Marktplatz. The monument was created by the Italian-Flemish sculptor Gabriel de Grupello. During the creation of the monument, the sculptor lived in a house at Marktplatz 4. In 1708, Johann Wilhelm gave Grupello this house. The foundry was located right in the building. The Grupello family owned the house for a century, then the house functioned as an administrative building. During the Second World War, the building was destroyed, but was soon restored. At the end of the renovation work, the building became the Dusseldorf City Council Hall.

In 1739, the Komm' ouml; dienhaus theater was built on the square, which was closed in 1875 due to the high tax that the city authorities demanded from the theater troupe. In 1881 the theater was demolished.

Marktplatz has been the main market square in Dusseldorf since its foundation. New competing markets gradually began to emerge. Thus, in 1900, the main market was relocated to Karlsplatz.

Various events and fairs are currently held on the square. St. Martin's Day is celebrated in November, a Christmas tree is installed at the end of the month, at the beginning of the year – Rosemontag (Pink Monday), accompanied by a colorful carnival procession. Wine festivals are also regularly held in the square.


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Topic: Marktplatz in Germany, resort of Dusseldorf.Marktplatz in Germany, resort of Dusseldorf

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