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Claude Monet Museum in France, Paris resort

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The museum bearing the name of the great French impressionist is located in the 16th administrative district of Paris, near the Bois de Boulogne.

The second name of the museum is – Marmottan – is the name of the person who gave birth to the museum. Until 1882, this building was a useless half-abandoned hunting lodge of the mid-18th century. Several expensive 15th century paintings by Flemish painters were bought especially for the mansion. This year, Jules Marmottan bequeathed the house to his son, who was an ardent collector of objects of history and art.

Until his death in 1934, Paul Mamorttan collected many objects in the family house. associated with the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte. Paul bequeathed the house and the paintings collected in it to the Parisian Academy of Arts, which decided to place there a collection of works by impressionist artists, headed unconditionally by Claude Monet.

For the first few years, the main exposition was exclusively works related to the period of the First Empire, and those very few   paintings bought by Jules Mamorttan. The situation changed 20 years later, when donations in the form of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist collections began for the museum. In 1957, Georges de Bellio, the son of Monet's personal physician, donated to the museum an extensive collection of works not only by Monet, but also by a number of other impressionists. And in 1966, Claude Monet's son Michel gave almost all the surviving works of his father. Since that time, the Marmottan Museum has been the largest place where the canvases of the founder of Impressionism have been collected.

Today, the museum's exposition contains paintings by a number of prominent painters and graphic artists of the late XIX – early XX century. In addition, here you can see the personal belongings and documents of some artists.

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Topic: Claude Monet Museum in France, Paris resort.Claude Monet Museum in France, Paris resort

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