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Paterno in Italy, Sicily resort

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Paterno is a small ancient town located in the province of Catania. The first settlement on this territory existed 3.5 thousand years ago. Historians claim that the first inhabitants were the Sicans. Initially, the settlement was called Inessa. Recently, not far from the city, traces of the ancient city of Iblaya Mayor were discovered.

During the Greek and Roman eras, Paterno was a small provincial center. During the period of Arab domination, the city was called Batarnu. In the XI century, the Normans returned to the city and named it Paterno. At the same time, the city began to flourish. Here King Frederigo III erected the `` Chamber Reginale '' – royal chambers, presented to them by Eleanor of Anjuyskaya. Subsequently, they were inherited by all Sicilian queens. The city flourished until the 15th century, when it became a feudal property and lost its significance.

Since the city was built on a swampy area, the area around it often suffered from a malaria epidemic. In the 20th century, due to the rapid urban development, the problem was completely resolved.

The city is worth a visit to the Norman castle, as well as numerous churches and chapels.


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Topic: Paterno in Italy, Sicily resort.Paterno in Italy, Sicily resort

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