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Mazara del Vallo in Italy, Sicily resort

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Mazara del Vallo is a city located in the southwestern part of the island of Sicily, on the left bank of the Mazzaro. Mazara del Vallo is the agricultural and fishing center of the province of Trapani.

The city was founded in the 9th century BC. Phoenicians. For many years the city was under the rule of various peoples – Romans, Greeks, Vandals, Carthaginians, Byzantines and Ostrogoths, until it was conquered by the Arabs in 827. During the period of Arab domination, the island was divided into three regions – Val Demon, Val di Noto and Val di Mazara, after which the city became an important educational and commercial center.

In 1072, Sicily was conquered by the Normans under the leadership of Roger I. In 1093 a Catholic archbishopric was founded in the city. In the XIII-XV centuries, Mazara del Vallo experienced economic, political and demographic decline, and soon the city turned into an ordinary provincial settlement.

Currently Mazara is one of the most important fishing centers in Italy. Mazara is also one of the cities in Italy with a large percentage of immigration population.

The city gained great fame in 1998, when a bronze statue was raised from the bottom of the Sicilian Strait during a fishing trip by local fishermen. was named The Sinking Satyr. According to scientists, the sculpture was created by the ancient Greek sculptor Praxiteles. Nowadays, the sculpture is kept in the local museum.

Also worth a visit in the city are the Norman Arch, the ruins of a medieval castle dating from 1073, and numerous churches. Particularly noteworthy are the Basilica of St. Nicolo Regale, built in 1124, which is a fine example of Norman architecture, and the Seminary, built in 1710.


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Topic: Mazara del Vallo in Italy, Sicily resort.Mazara del Vallo in Italy, Sicily resort

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