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House-Museum of Giovanni Verga in Italy, Sicily resort

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House-Museum of Giovanni Verga is a building in which Giovanni Verga lived for many years – renowned Italian writer. All items in the house are in the same condition as they were during the writer's lifetime, only some of the pieces of furniture were transported here from his home in Milan.

Verga, above all, became famous due to the fact that what `` realism '' created in literature. He was an innovator not only in the style of using the literary language, but also in describing the inhabitants of Sicily at the turn of the XIX – XX centuries. In our time, Verga – one of the prominent European writers. Various works of art and music were created based on his works. In 1948, according to his story `` The Malvolya family '' the film The Earth Trembles was produced, directed by Luchino Visconti.

Giovanni was born into a family of landowners in Catania. The family had a small plot of land in the village of Vizzini, it was here that young Giovanni began to observe the life of local fishermen and peasants. In 1869, Giovanni set out to seek happiness in the literary field in the already united Italy. He lived in Milan and Florence, where he started his career. Ten years later, Giovanni returned to Catania. Then he began to write about the joys and sorrows of the everyday life of the lower society that surrounded him in Italian cities – it was thanks to these stories that the writer gained success and recognition.

After Verga's death, his house was turned into a museum. The house is a 19th century building that the writer inherited from his mother. A long staircase starting from the main entrance leads to the writer's apartment. In the corner, you can see a bust of Verga, made by the sculptor Bruno, and a wooden box that contains the wax mask of Father Giovanni. The small bedroom contains a wardrobe with suits, a bed, two armchairs by the fireplace and a mirror. Photos and portraits of the Verge family are everywhere. One of the interesting rooms in the house is a small library, which contains bookcases containing more than 2.5 thousand volumes, as well as a table that has preserved the writer's personal belongings.


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Topic: House-Museum of Giovanni Verga in Italy, Sicily resort.House-Museum of Giovanni Verga in Italy, Sicily resort

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