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City park in Austria, Vienna spa

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The City Park is the largest park in the city, located in the historic center of Vienna. It is also called the Stadtpark. It was created in 1862 and became the first public park. It was laid out on the territory of the former"water glacis" designed by Rudolf Zibeks.

The Vienna river flows throughout the park, the banks of which are connected by beautiful snow-white bridges, and around there are bright flower beds, green meadows , tropical vegetation, wooden horses and many different monuments.

In the park you can find monuments to composers - Anton Bruckner, Robert Stolz, Franz Schubert, artists - Hans Canon, Friedrich von Amerling, Emil Jakob Schindler and Hans MacArth. The most popular and photographed monument is the recently renovated gilded monument to Johann Strauss. This monument is so famous that there are copies of it in Japan, China and Cuba.

The city park also houses the former building of a dairy farm, where today a restaurant is located in one of the halls.


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Topic: City park in Austria, Vienna spa.City park in Austria, Vienna spa

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