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Prater Park in Austria, Vienna spa

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Prater Park is a huge public park for recreation and entertainment located within the city.

The first mention of the park dates back to 1162, when here were the hunting grounds of the emperor. In the first half of the 16th century, this place began to develop - the first alley with planted chestnuts appeared. A little later, the first pavilions and houses appeared here. The park was not initially available to the general public. In 1766, Joseph II made the park open for public visits and allowed the creation of a cafe here.

Today, most of the park is occupied by the"green Prater", where the main alley, the hippodrome, sports grounds, territory Vienna International Fair, velodrome, stadium.

In the northern part of the park there is an amusement park (roller coasters, swings, game rooms,"horror" caves, and so on). It is also called"Wurstelprater" or simply Prater. A miniature railway runs through the park, and there is also a huge Ferris wheel, which was built in 1896-1897 by engineer Walter Bassett. This wheel was a gift for the 50th anniversary of the reign of Joseph I. A magnificent view of the city opens from a 68-meter height, so the wheel is considered one of the symbols of Vienna. In 2004,"Wurstelprater" was reconstructed, and the construction of the metro continued here. By 2008, 3 metro stations had been built on the territory of the park.

At one time, the Prater Park was visited by such famous personalities as Beethoven,

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Topic: Prater Park in Austria, Vienna spa.Prater Park in Austria, Vienna spa

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