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Linz Castle in Austria, Linz resort

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Linz Castle is a medieval fortress, which is located on a cliff above the Danube in the western part of the historic center of Linz. It is an interesting mixture of architecture from different eras, but overall it is a late Renaissance palace, adjacent to a wooded hill that replaces a park.

The southern wing of the castle was rebuilt from the ruins of a 19th century fire and is an example of modern architecture. The fortress is surrounded by ruins of ancient towers, walls, moats and bastions.

The first mention of the castle dates back to 799. In the middle of the 15th century, the building was liked by Emperor Frederick III, and by his order the castle was rebuilt, and from 1485 to 1493 it was the imperial residence. During the reign of Rudolf II in 1600, the fortress was expanded according to the design of the architect Anton Muis. From that building to our times, a gate has survived, which is called the"Rudolf Gate".

During the Napoleonic War, the castle served as a hospital, then from 1811 it was a prison, from 1851 to 1945 year was used as a barracks.

In 1953-1963 the fortress was reconstructed, and on its territory began to house the Upper Austrian State Museum, where items dedicated to this region are exhibited.


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Topic: Linz Castle in Austria, Linz resort.Linz Castle in Austria, Linz resort

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