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Oberkassel Bridge in Germany, Dusseldorf resort

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The Oberkassel Bridge in Dusseldorf is a cable-stayed bridge over the Rhine River. The bridge connects the left-bank district of Oberkassel with the old part of the city.

The first bridge Oberkasseler was built by order of the railway company Rheinbahn AG; in 1898. At that time, the structure was an arched bridge with symmetrical spans, reaching a length of 638 meters. Later, two towers were erected on the bridge according to the project of Adolf Schiel.

Thanks to Oberkasseler, the connection with Oberkassel, at that time a separate city, was greatly simplified. In 1909, Oberkassel was incorporated into Dusseldorf.

Due to heavy traffic in 1926, a new canvas was created on the existing supports according to the design of Edward Lionel Venus. The tram lane now ran along the center of the roadway, thus dividing the bridge carriageway in two.

In 1933, the bridge was renamed Skagerrak-Br & uuml; cke, in honor of the Skagerrak strait located between the peninsula Jutland and the Scandinavian Peninsula. During the First World War, the largest naval battle, known as the Battle of Jutland, took place in the Skagerrak.

During the Second World War, the Skagerrak-Br & uuml; cke bridge was blown up by the retreating Wehrmacht troops.   On the site of the old bridge, a new Freemanbr & uuml; cke bridge was built in 1945, which was seriously damaged in 1947 during an ice drift, and in the same year after a ship collision it was finally dismantled.

The next bridge, named Oberkasseler Dauerbehelfsbr & uuml; cke (temporary bridge), was built in 1948 for road and tram traffic.

In 1969, construction began on a new bridge designed by Friedrich Tamms, which was completed in 1973. Construction was carried out slightly above the temporary bridge so as not to interrupt traffic. In 1976, work was carried out to move the bridge to the temporary site.


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Topic: Oberkassel Bridge in Germany, Dusseldorf resort.Oberkassel Bridge in Germany, Dusseldorf resort

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