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Marienthal Monastery in Germany

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Marienthal Monastery – the oldest active convent of the Cistercian order, founded by Kunigunda Swabian, wife of the Bohemian king Wenceslas I in 1234. Located in Saxony, on the Neisse River.

The Marienthal Monastery is built on the banks of the Neisse River, whose waters flow through not only Germany, but also the Czech Republic and Poland. From 1234, when the newly built monastery entered the Cistercian order, a calm and measured life of novices began. However, two centuries later, in 1427, the Hussites attacked the monastery and caused serious damage to it. The nuns took refuge in the neighboring town of Gorlitz. During the XVI-XVII centuries, the monastery survived several fires, the most powerful of them – the fire of 1683, in which the monastery burned to the ground. It was restored by 1744, taking on a new baroque look. During the Northern War, the nuns again had to leave the walls of the monastery.

Since 1955, the monastery has opened a house for the disabled. On the basis of the monastery in 1992, an international information center was organized, and with it – two hotels, which accommodate the participants of the event and listeners of seminars held by the monastery educational center.

Today the monastery – cultural and historical complex, which includes: an abbey, a probation, a monastery church, a chapel, outbuildings, among which there is a brewery, bakery, mill and sawmill.


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Topic: Marienthal Monastery in Germany.Marienthal Monastery in Germany

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