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Bois de Boulogne in France, Paris resort

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The second largest forest in Paris after the Bois de Vincennes.

The French themselves traditionally call it the “lung of Paris”. The second `` easy '' accordingly, the Bois de Vincennes is.

The area of the Bois de Boulogne is about 850 hectares. This vast territory contains several climatic gardens, parks, a children's amusement park, as well as numerous cafes, restaurants and other establishments for recreation and entertainment.

The forest is located in one of the most ancient forests France. Dubrava Rouvray was mentioned in the chronicles of the 8th century, at about the same time the first French kings granted part of the forest plantations to several monasteries. Later, part of the forest was used for royal hunting.

The current name of the forest is associated with the reign of Philip the Fair, who ordered the construction of a temple of Our Lady of Boulogne nearby. Hence the name of the forest.

Over the centuries, this area has suffered from fires, wars, criminals who settled here, and much more. Scorched forests were planted anew and carefully guarded these lands from outsiders.

Until the 18th century, only noble aristocrats and members of the royal family had the right to walk through this forest, and only Louis XIV ordered to turn the Bois de Boulogne into park area and allow everyone to walk there.

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Topic: Bois de Boulogne in France, Paris resort.Bois de Boulogne in France, Paris resort

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