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Palazzo della Ragione in Italy

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The Palazzo della Ragione was erected in 1172-1218 as the seat of the city court by the community of Padua. The palace was built on the site where the old building of the Municipality used to stand. In 1304, the palace was rebuilt, and Fra Giovanni Eremitani took part in the construction work.

On the second floor there is a central building with a gallery topped with a keel-shaped solid roof covered with lead sheets. The huge rectangular hall of the palazzo is considered the largest in Europe without columns and supports.

Initially, the walls of the palace were decorated with frescoes by Giotto, however, after a fire that took place in 1420, the frescoes were destroyed. Five years later, the painters of the studio Pietro d'Abano took up the decoration of the palace,

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Topic: Palazzo della Ragione in Italy.Palazzo della Ragione in Italy

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