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Palazzo Ducale in Italy, Genoa resort

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Palazzo Ducale, also known as the Doge's Palace, is a historic building located in Genoa that was once the seat of city rulers. Nowadays, the palace houses a museum, and various cultural events and exhibitions are often held here. The palace is located in the very center of the city.

The first premises of the palace were built in 1251-1275, and the Torre Grimaldina tower was erected for almost three centuries, in 1539. Large-scale restoration work in the palace was carried out on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus – a native of Genoa and a great navigator, in 1992.

Earlier on the site of the palace was the house of the Doria family, and nearby were the basilicas of San Lorenzo and San Matteo. After the government bought the house and the surrounding buildings, construction began on the palazzo. In 1294, the Fieschi tower was added to the building. In the 1590s, the first reconstruction works were carried out in the palace, led by Andrei Cerezola. In the 17th century, the chapel of the palace was decorated with frescoes by Domenico Fiasella and Giovanni Battista Carlone. In 1777, after a strong fire, the palace was seriously damaged, but was soon restored and acquired a neoclassical style.

On the ground floor there are the rooms of the Small and Big Councils, decorated with frescoes, where various public events are held ... In 2001, the Doge's Palace hosted a meeting of the heads of state of the G8,

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Topic: Palazzo Ducale in Italy, Genoa resort.Palazzo Ducale in Italy, Genoa resort

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