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Berge Castle in Germany

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Berge Castle can be found in the city of Gelsenkirchen in the federal state of North Rhine — Westphalia. The castle was conceived as a defensive structure designed to protect the town of Erl. For reliability, the building was practically built on water, so it was more difficult to get to its walls.

The exact date of the castle's construction has not been clarified to this day, but the first master mentioned in written sources was the knight Dietrich von Berge. The castle was passed on by his descendants from generation to generation for a long time, until the family in 1433 was interrupted by the childless Gerlach von Berge, whose widow sold the castle. Knight Heinrich von Bakem became the new owner of the estate.

Over the next century, Berge Castle was in the possession of a descendant of von Bakem, and then passed to the rule of Georg von Boenen. By 1530, the transformation of the once rather formidable fortress into a secular building, intended for life, not war, began. It was built in the popular Baroque style.

As the von Boenen dynasty flourished and prospered, the castle also actively developed, expanded and enlarged your influence. The beginning of the 18th century was marked by the breaking of a luxurious park with French-style features under the southern walls of the castle.

In 1790, Ludolph Friedrich Adolph von Boenen, having married the countess, also received the rank of count. The higher status obliged him to change the appearance of his residence again. During the rebuilding process, the castle acquired elements in the early classicist style. We also expanded the park by adding another garden, this time based on the English model.

In such a chic castle such famous personalities as Napoleon Bonaparte and Marshal Blucher did not disdain to stop. In 1924, the castle fell into city ownership, along with the entire adjacent territory, where it was decided to organize a park. The castle itself has been meticulously restored, again taking on the appearance that it had at the end of the 18th century. A pond and sculptures were also laid out.

In National Socialist Germany, the building became the training center of the NSDAP, getting rid of almost all outbuildings. And already in the second half of the 20th century, a lot of work was carried out to restore the interior. A hotel in the old German style and a restaurant was organized in the building.

Today the building is decorated with the coat of arms of the last private owners of the castle – of the count family of Westerholt-Gusenberg. Berge Castle with the adjacent park is protected by the state.


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