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Saint-Germain-lauceruix in France, Paris resort

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The church is located not far from the Louvre.

According to some historians, this church was once a pagan temple. The temple was destroyed approximately in the XII century, at the same time the construction of the temple is attributed.

The church bears the name of the canonized Bishop Germain.

Until the 17th century, when the Louvre was the official royal residence, this church was the official parish of the dynasty of French kings.  

In 1572, it was from the Church of Saint-Germain that the events began, later called the history of St. Bartholomew's night. The signal for the destruction of the Huguenots was given from one of the chapels of the church.

During the Great Revolution, the church was subjected to barbaric looting, and later the Parisian police department was located here.

Only in 1836 the church was restored and transferred to the state. There were no more services here, and the temple became a museum and a monument of French architecture.


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