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House of Surgeon in Italy, Rimini resort

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'House of the surgeon' is a unique archaeological complex located in Piazza Ferrari. In our time, a huge glass dome was erected over the complex.

In 1989, work on the arrangement of the Rimini garden was carried out on Piazza Ferrari, at that time the Surgeon's House was discovered. After that, systemic archaeological excavations began on the territory, which lasted until 2006.

The most interesting find is the ruins of a residential area framed by two streets. In the ancient Roman era, a building was located here, which later became known as the House of the Surgeon. The building was a two-story house built in the 2nd century BC. In the 3rd century A.D. the house was destroyed due to a strong fire. Inside the building, archaeologists discovered fragments of decorative plaster products, oil lamps, bronze dishes, vases, figurines and coins. In one of the premises of the house, a complete set of surgical supplies was found, as well as bowls, measures, mortars, and vessels in which medicines were prepared.

Traces of the floor covering created from crushed shards, the ruins of buildings XVI – XVIII centuries, remains of an early medieval settlement, a stone granary and wells.


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Topic: House of Surgeon in Italy, Rimini resort.House of Surgeon in Italy, Rimini resort

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