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Pompeii in Italy, Naples resort

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Pompeii is an ancient Roman city located in the Campania region, near Naples. In August 79, this majestic city was buried under a layer of volcanic ash in connection with the eruption of Vesuvius. Today Pompeii is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and declared an open-air museum.

The early history of Pompeii is still poorly understood. According to surviving sources, there were clashes between the Etruscans and Greeks. For some time the city belonged to the Qums, and from the VI century BC. was influenced by the Etruscans. In 525 BC. in the city was erected a Doric temple dedicated to the Greek gods. In 474 BC. the city was again taken over by the Greeks. At the beginning of the 5th century BC. all the cities of Campania came under the rule of the Samnites. During the Second Samnite War, the Roman Republic defeated the Samnite troops, and in 310 BC. the city of Pompeii became an ally of Rome.

The harbinger of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius was the earthquake that occurred in February 62. The disaster caused severe damage to the city – almost all buildings were damaged. Soon, most of the structures were restored. In the afternoon of August 24, 79, a volcanic eruption began, which lasted about a day. The volcano destroyed three cities – Pompeii, Stabiae, Herculaneum and several villas and villages. After the conducted excavations, it was discovered that the cities managed to survive in the form in which they were before the eruption. The many meters thick ash hid houses, streets, remains of animals and people who did not have time to escape.

The city has well-preserved many buildings, of which the Forum, Basilica, Comitia, Municipal Buildings, Eumachia Building, Vespasian Temple, Jupiter Temple, Macellum, Larov Temple, Apollo Temple, Caligula Arch, Temple of Fortune Augustus are worth highlighting. In the area of theaters there is a complex of public buildings – Triangular Forum, Temple of Isis, Samnite Palaestra, Quadriportik, Temple of Jupiter Meilichius, Maly and Bolshoi Theaters. There are also many thermal baths in the city: Stabievian Baths, Central Baths, Forum Baths, Suburban Baths. Attention is also deserved by the residential buildings of the townspeople – House of the Surgeon, House of the Faun, House of the Tragic Poet, House of the Vettii, House of Menander, House of the Gilded Cupids, House of Lorey Tiburtin, House of Julia Felix, House of Perfume, etc.


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Topic: Pompeii in Italy, Naples resort.Pompeii in Italy, Naples resort

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