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Baptistery in Italy, resort of Florence

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The Baptistery of San Giovanni is a medieval baptistery located in Piazza di San Giovanni and Piazza del Duomo, near Giotto's bell tower and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. This is one of the oldest buildings in Florence.

The very first baptistery in the city was built no later than the 5th century. The current building was built in the years 1059-1129. Until the 19th century, all the natives of the city were baptized here. In the 13th century, the semicircular apse was replaced by a rectangular one. The domed vault was decorated with mosaics dated XIII – XIV centuries. The mosaic in the central part depicts the painting The Last Judgment.

Nowadays, the tomb of John the Twenty-third is located in the baptistery.

The oldest part of the structure is the south gate, by Andrea Pisano. The doors consist of 28 panels decorated with bas-reliefs depicting episodes from the life of John the Baptist.

The other gates of the baptistery were made by Lorenzo Ghiberti. The north gate was built in the Gothic style between 1401-1424. The gate also consists of 28 panels framed by frames. The bas-reliefs of the panels were created based on scenes from the New Testament.

The most famous is the eastern gate, created in 1425-1452. The gate is divided into 10 gilded panels, decorated with images of biblical subjects. This gate, created by Ghiberti, was highly praised by Michelangelo and called the `` Gate of Paradise ''. Nowadays, the gate panels are replaced by copies,

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Topic: Baptistery in Italy, resort of Florence.Baptistery in Italy, resort of Florence

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