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Rose garden in Germany, spa Baden

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Baden Doblehof Park is one of the most popular walking spots in the city, mainly due to the fact that it houses the Rose Garden, which houses Austria's largest collection of roses.

The rosary was built in the 1960s according to the design of Viktor Medlhammer. During the construction work, about a hundred tons of land were replaced, walking paths were expanded and strengthened, benches were installed, and more than 170 decorative plots and curtains were built. Currently, the Rosary has about 600 different varieties and types of roses.

During the period of mass flowering (spring, autumn), numerous fans of these beautiful flowers flock to the park. During this time, the park hosts numerous festivals, celebrations and even magnificent balls.

Baden's Rosary is unique – here is the most complete collection of lush roses to date, which were bred at the turn of the XIX – XX century by Rudolf Geschwind, the famous master gardener. In 1983, a monument was erected in the park in honor of Geshwind.


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Topic: Rose garden in Germany, spa Baden.Rose garden in Germany, spa Baden

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