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Palazzo D'Accursio in Italy, Bologna resort

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The Commune Palace is a complex of buildings. The palace is located in Piazzo Maggiore.

In the 12th century, the city government acquired several buildings located in the main square and united them into a single complex. Initially, the premises of the palace were used as offices of city services and a granary. Since 1336, the Elders began to sit in the palace, after which it became the seat of the city government.

In the 15th century, the palace was significantly expanded. A clock with a carousel was installed on the tower, as well as figures of the Magi and the image of the Virgin Mary and Child. The watch was created by Fiorovante Fiorovani. The mechanism was removed in 1796, and the figurines are now in the Communal Art Collection.

Subsequent large-scale reconstruction works in the palace were carried out in the 15th century and in 1885-1887.

The facade of the building above the portal is decorated with a terracotta sculpture of Our Lady and Child, created by Nicholas Bari in 1478. The portal of the palace was made in the middle of the 16th century by Domenico Tybaldi according to the project of Galeazzo Alessi. Above the portal was also a bronze statue of Gregory the Thirteenth, created by Alessandro Menganti in 1580. On the right side of the facade, there are double Gothic windows adorned with terracotta ornamentation by Fioravanti between 1425 and 1428. There are also several commemorative plaques on the facade.

And nowadays the palace is the seat of the city government. On the ground floor is the Communal Council Room, which is decorated with allegorical frescoes made in the 17th century by the painters Gioacchino Pazinelli and Carlo Cignani. The hall houses the Chapel of the legate, where the coronation of Emperor Charles the Fifth took place in 1530. The chapel frescoes were made by Prospero Fontana in 1562.

The palace also houses the Giorgio Morandi Museum, which displays a collection of paintings by this famous 20th century painter.

The building also houses the Library and the Communal Assembly. The floor of the library was made of glass so that visitors can see the remains of ancient Roman structures.

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Topic: Palazzo D'Accursio in Italy, Bologna resort.Palazzo D'Accursio in Italy, Bologna resort

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