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Palazzo Communale in Italy, Bologna resort

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Palazzo Communale is the palace of the City Council of Bologna. The palazzo is located on a hill in the western part of Piazza Maggiore.

Currently, part of the building is occupied by an art gallery, where works of painters XIII – XIX century.

Inside the palace there is also the Morandi Museum, which contains works by the artist Giorgio Morandi, donated to Bologna by his family. The museum was opened in 1993.

The facade of the palace is decorated with a huge bronze sculpture of Pope Gregory the Thirteenth, who was a native of Bologna and also a distinguished reformer. The author of the sculpture is Alessandro Menganti.

Palazzo Communale was originally built as the residence of Francis Accorzo – professor at the University of Bologna and the famous Italian lawyer. Since 1336, meetings of the Elders were often held in the palace - the highest city ranks. Soon the entire city administration moved to the palace.

In the 15th century, the building underwent extensive renovations, during which the Torre D'Accursio clock tower was erected. Supervised the construction work of Fioravante Fioravanti.

The main attractions of the facade of the palace are the statue of the Madonna and Child, made by Niccolo del Arca, and the hanging grate. On the ground floor in the City Council Hall there are frescoes, illustrating events from the history of Bologna. The Farnese Hall, located on the second floor, is accessed by two flights of stairs from the 16th century. In 1665, at the initiative of Girolamo Farnese, the hall was rebuilt. Previously, the hall was called the Royal, since the coronation of Charles V took place here in 1530.

The palace also has an interesting chapel with frescoes by Prospero Fontana.  


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Topic: Palazzo Communale in Italy, Bologna resort.Palazzo Communale in Italy, Bologna resort

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