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Paris Metro in France, Paris resort

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The third oldest in the world and one of the first in terms of size subway.

The subway was developed and opened by 1900. The reason for its creation was the next World Exhibition.

Initially, the system of high-speed underground trains was developed in Paris strictly under the carriageways. The narrow streets of the city did not allow expanding the network to the required size, so some of the branches are strongly curved, and the platforms are not parallel to each other.

From the very day of its foundation, the Parisian metro claimed the status of a city landmark, therefore, some stations were designed by the leading designers of their time.

Today, the Parisian metro covers absolutely all quarters of the city, plus everything – most of the suburban areas.

It is also worth noting that the Moscow metro has several interesting overlaps with the Parisian. For example, one of the stations is decorated with a stained glass window by a Moscow master. And some of the stations are named after the hero cities of Russia.


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Topic: Paris Metro in France, Paris resort.Paris Metro in France, Paris resort

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